SV 310

The conventional parallel lathes of the SV series have the electronic variation of the revolutions of the main spindle, they can have a constant cutting speed (Option TC) and are the result of the continuous design investment of our company.
These are therefore extremely practical and functional machines.



The apron is made of cast iron and is completely closed. It contains, in an oil bath, the kinematics for the feeds and threads. A mechanical safety device with which the apron is equipped prevents the automatic feed and threading mechanisms from being activated simultaneously.

The Norton box is of the complete centralized control type and allows the execution of a high number of feed steps and threads without the need to change gears on the head straddling the transmission.

The head consists of a well-sized monobloc cast in stabilized GG 25 cast iron. It has been carefully studied and strongly ribbed in order to obtain the massism rigidity and a complete absence of vibrations even in very demanding working conditions.

All the gears and pinions of the head, the norton box and the apron are tempered and ground to allow high resistance and high silence. The pinions are mounted on roller bearings. The different mechanisms are lubricated in an oil bath.

The horizontal type bench is made entirely of special cast iron suitable for induction hardening: a rational arrangement of ribs and a sturdy anchorage to the base ensure perfect rigidity to the complex and excellent absorption of vibrations.

The guides are prismatic integral type induction hardened and ground (hardness 400-460 HB)

The main spindle is balanced, well dimensioned and mounted on tapered roller bearings of great precision and load capacity. It is also equipped with a rear game registration dial.

The carriages are amply sized and equipped with a centralized manual guide lubrication system. The transversal carriage and the upper trolley are equipped with a conical steel gib for the recovery of the games.

The transverse screw, hardened and ground, is mounted on roller bearings and guarantees high durability and great reliability.

The tailstock is of very robust construction. iThe sleeve is tempered and ground and has an extraction slot. The screw is mounted on bearings with high load capacity.

The modern and refined design is the ideal combination of safety and comfort.

Special protections make the machine safe and at the same time ergonomic and easy to maneuver.

Machines compliant with EC Machinery Directive 2006/42 EEC.

Height of Centres 310 mm
Distance between Centres 1000/1500/2000/3000 mm
Max. swing on bed 620 mm
Max. swing on gap 880 mm
Swing on longitudinal slide 580 mm
Max swing on cross slide 425 mm
Spindle bore 80 mm
Attachment CAM LOCK 8
Taper centre 5 CM
Spindle speeds N°3 - rpm 20-1700
1st range rpm 20÷240
2nd range rpm 240÷630
3rd range rpm 630÷1700
Width 350 mm
Gap length 280 mm
Distance between gap and flange 220 mm
Lead screw Pitch 6 mm
Lead screw diameter 35 mm
55 Longitudinal feed 0,05 - 1,5 mm/rpm
55 Traverse feed 0,025 - 0,75 mm/rpm
55 Metric 0,5 - 1,5 mm
55 Whitworth 60-2
55 Modular 0,2 - 7,5 mm
55 Diametral Pitch 120-4
Cross saddle stroke 365 mm
Small saddle stroke 165 mm
Max tool dimensions 32x32 mm
Manual sleeve stroke 180 mm
Sleeve diameter 72 mm
Sleeve morse taper N°5
Main motor 5,5 kW
Electro pump power 0,12 HP
Main motor (lathe with spindle bore 155) 7,5 kW
Steady rest capacity min. and max. diam. 20-180
Follow rest capacity min. and max. diam. 20-140
Steady rest capacity min. and max. diam. with bore 155 25-250
Follow rest capacity min. and max. diam. with bore 155 20-160
Dimensions and Weights
Dimensions 2630-3130-3730-4650 x 1100 mm
Height 1650 mm
Net weight approx. 1900-2000-2190-2480 Kg
Dimensions with bore 155 2880-3380-3980-4900 x 1150 mm
Net weight approx. with bore 155 1950-2050-2240-2540 Kg