Machining needs are constantly changing and the evolution of our lathes is the result of this continuous change.

The latest generation of CNC lathes designed by us wants to be the tool with which we will compare ourselves with the new needs of the turning world.

Based on the constructive concept of the lathe with horizontal bench but completely redesigned and updated in the details, in the materials and in the CNC, this new range of machines is the testimony of the continuous evolution of the species as well as the testimony of our consolidated experience in the construction of this type. of self-learning intuitive numerical control lathes.

Production in series or in small quantities of simple or even very complex pieces, construction of models and prototypes, creation of molds, fast management of maintenance and repairs and much more ... TA machines revolve around your needs.

New features, new performances and new opportunities are the answers that our company offers to the market:

  • Higher speeds of rapid advancement and work.
  • Higher spindle rotation speed.
  • Higher accelerations.
  • Major powers.
  • Greater simplicity of programming and machine management.
  • Reduction of time for the preparation of single or series processes.
  • Reduction of mathematical calculations and reduction of programming errors.
  • Greater versatility of use and better customizations.
  • Higher machining precision, Increase in yield

The CNC lathes of the TA series are therefore the tool for a new challenge and the means for the consolidation of a production reality that is always growing and more and more committed to customer service.

Constructive characteristics of CNC Lathes - TA Series


The horizontal type bed is built entirely in cast iron and equipped with wide ribs to ensure maximum structural rigidity. It is also subjected to stabilization treatment to avoid any type of deformation or torsion over time.


The guides are prismatic of the integral type, induction hardened and ground (hardness 400-460 HB.)

Spindle Head

Entirely built in cast iron with high mechanical resistance and equipped with special internal ribs placed in a lattice, it favors a high absorption of the stresses deriving from the processing cycles. In them, the spindle line driven by an A.C. motor is mounted on special angular contact bearings preloaded and greased with the “long life” system. High power digital brushless.


One-piece cast iron body with quick manual locking system to the bench guides and manual handwheel for advancing the quill.

Measurement System

Carried out by means of an encoder both for the control of the movements of the axes and for the rotation of the spindle.

Design and Fairing

The modern and refined design is the ideal combination of safety and comfort. The handwheels work together with the carriage and a special hatch allows a high level of protection for the operator, while ensuring, at the same time, access free from obstacles from any point of the machine.

TA Series - Machines

Driven By Values, Delivering On A Vision.