Considering the continuous development of technology of machine tools, MOMAC belives into the production of conventional parallel lathes which are machines indispensable for any workshop.
Our production of parallel lathes includes type 'SM' with mechanical spindle rotation, due to their strength, accuracy and durability, as well as ease of use, are perfect for all kinds of industry, and educational purposes.
The machine is designed in accordance with International Standards, employing proven technology, and manufactured using the best quality material available.

Constructive characteristics of parallel lathes - SM Series


The lathe bed is an exceptional sturdy and wear resisting construction fabricated of special cast-iron particularly prepared for induction hardening process.


The headstock is manufactured of a single well proportioned casting of special stabilised cast iron the headstock unit design has been fulfilled so to achieve the maximum of rigidity and vibration less.


The spindle is made of high resistance chromium nickel steel, case-hardened and ground very strong mounted on 2 high accuracy taper roller bearing and equipped with a rear bush for the lash adjustment

SM Series - Machines

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